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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Alright, I don't know why I have this fascination with arting on rocks, but I've been doing it lately.  This one sits in a rather out-of-the-way spot in my garden amongst the greenery.  Like a surprise waiting to be discovered. Maybe using rocks has to do with that they are free or that they are more permanent than paper?  I don't know, but I have several smaller rocks (than this) in process on my window sill in the living room.  My dear sweet husband sometimes quips that my art is taking over the whole house.  Hmmm, one giant studio, that's not a bad idea.  Kid's have flown the nest so one bedroom has become my sewing/beading room.  His office (not much being used) is another possibility.  Of course, I'd have to be more sneaky about niggling my way into there.  Maybe I could just take over one bookshelf.  Do you suppose he'd notice?  I mean, what can one say about giving up one little shelf, right? 


Faye said...

Coleen, long years ago I was into painting on rocks, too. I don't know what the fascination is really. Maybe the unique shape of each rock? Your face peeking out is cute as a bug! Thanks for the visit to my blog. Wednesdays' art is about the scripture. I am looking forward to doing one today. Like you, I think putting God's Word out there in art is very appropriate for a believer.

Pattie McClimans said...

Oh Coleen, I think your rock is wonderful and it seems to be placed in just the right spot. I bought a painted rock I use as a paper weight from an artist at a garage sale. It is a favorite of mine. Wish I had smooth rocks to use but we don't go camping or fishing or any of those things that give you access to smooth rocks of just the right size.

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