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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


They loved making bead necklaces.

Even the boys who said they were making them for their moms.

Silk flowers and old buttons made beautiful decorations.

These boxes sat in storage forever before I finally figured out what to do with them. More silk flowers and buttons.

Such fun this week doing crafts with the kids at church.  We had about 30 on Monday and more than that today on Tuesday.  Though we are doing a variety of projects, the main project is a CD disk mini-album.  We are using the CDs as the base for each page that they cover in scrapbook papers.  Each day they will add the "verse of the day" along with other pretty pictures and ephemera.  The flowers are decorated with old buttons people have donated as well.  The star boxes will also have a verse each day.  The top pictures show the kids having fun with beads thanks to someone who sent lanyard for them to bead upon.  So grateful for all who help make this ministry to the children happen with your generous donations of supplies.  I couldn't do it without you.  Such a blessing to so many.
If you want to see more pictures go to our other blog: www.franksukraine.blogspot.com or click the link on the right.  And I'd love it if you "followed" on our blogs.

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Golden Goddess Designs said...

Love the kids projects! I worked with my nieces this past week at the beach. I told them I would blog the "best of" their creations this week.

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