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Sunday, June 23, 2013


 This is Dima. A very small boy for his age, but quite creative showing off his painted gouards.

 On this day I was having trouble with the boys.  They were all goofing off and getting into things...until....I brought out the gourds.  Suddenly I had their attention.  They loved painting them. Was I ever relieved.  I found something that would hold their attention.
 Gourds were sent to me by Kristin Johnson in Kansas and Liz Drake in Illinois.  Both are Facebook cyber friends who'd seen what I do with kids.  Thank you ladies for letting God use you.
 Some of what was done.  They were pretty.
 Here, painting gourds and painting t-shirts.
Even their Sunday school teacher decided to get in on the gourd painting.  I thought she did a terrific job with her.  Thanks for the gourds, ladies.  Couldn't have tried this without you.  It was a hit.  I just love how God provides.


Faye said...

Coleen, the gourds painting event was a great hit. I can tell by the smiles on the faces. The guys look so proud of their artwork. What a wonderful ministry you have going there! God bless you.

Jamie Lynn said...

sure look like they had a great time.

gosh those are very small gourds!

Kathy Gayhart Carter said...

Hi Coleen, I stopped by to visit your blog today. I am very intrigued. It is fascinating. Thank you for participating in the Blog Hop this past week-end and for liking the FB page. Please check out the FB page again. It has changed a bit and I think all the CRAFT Bloggers will appreciate it!!! Feel free to spread the word :-) Thanks for all your support.


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