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Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Life Path Challenge

Wow! Here we are at the last week of March. One quarter of the way through the year. Above is my tag/card for this week. Notice also above is the banner of pictures from our Flickr gallery. Each time you add a new picture to the gallery it shows up on the blog above. I think that's cool.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Smile Cards"

Yesterday our post lady was ringing our bell before we were even out of bed. I didn't know she got around so early, but she had a package too big to put in our mail box. What a delight it was to open and see all these "Smile Cards" from Fiorella in Italy. In addition you can see the extra goodies she sent for our classes and crafting. For those who don't know, "Smile Cards" are what I give out to pastors and people who work with prisoners, home-bound, hospitalized and orphans. I just love being able to supply these cards because I know they will make someone smile over their beauty. For all the cards I receive, I put in a verse, word or poem of encouragement in their language. So a big THANK YOU to Fiorella for her kind heart in wanting to share her lovely talents with people here in Ukraine. If you would like to make some "Smile Cards" you can email me at coleenfranks@gmail.com for more details.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Southern California Spring

I'm back in Ukraine now and as I look back on these lovely flowers it almost seems a dream that I was there experiencing spring in California. I just love the beauty of this white rose. It's radiance just emanates purity and silky freshness that is soothing to the soul. It is so wonderful that a loving God in heaven made such beauty for us to enjoy on earth...a foretaste of things to come.

Vintage Photo

I wanted to share this old photo with you all. I know so many of you like vintage and this is almost antique (100 yrs) as it is a picture of my dad when he was a baby. My dad is 87 this year so that tells you how old it is. I love old photographs.

Crinkly Embellishment Video Tutorial

Click on the title for a great tutorial I found on Scrapscene taking seam binding and making it into a cute embellishment for vintage projects. It shows you how to dye the binding and also ribbon or trim. Now, if you don't have Glimmer Mist as she suggests, I think you can do this with any form of coloring (acrylic paints, for example)as long as you put it in a spray bottle.

Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Life Path Challenge

Well I have traveled from Southern California back to Ukraine and I must admit the jet-lag has really hit me this time. Enough so that I am late in getting this on, but at last here it is. I like to have it on by late Sunday or Monday so I'm really stretching it. Thanks for your patience.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Back in Ukraine from Southern California. I love to travel, but I love the coming home as well. It is good to be in my own bed. Got home Thursday around mid-night and couldn't sleep until 5 a.m. Obviously my body was still on California time. Then last night I went to a bible study where I wanted to sleep the whole time. Came home and then couldn't sleep until after 1:30. Adaptation. Maybe tonight will be better.

Anyway, it was a joy to be with my sisters and my dad (age 87). At his age I never know if I will see him again so it makes each visit all the more precious. I recognize the need to say those last things you would want to say to a loved one if you knew you wouldn't see them again. Shouldn't we do this anyway?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Southern California Spring

Azaela and the spring time sunny sky.

Very Vintage

I thought you'd enjoy seeing these old pictures. I love vintage pictures and using them in my art work. The top is my great grandfather, O.B. Cole who was in the 1889 Oklahoma Land Run. Below that is his daughter, my grandmother, Izetta Cole Walther-Barg. I brought these photos back from my visit with family so I'll have to see how I can use them to do something crafty.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 Life Path Challenge

Though in Ukraine we are still very much in winter mode, I just couldn't stand to not do something that would bring on spring. So here's my tag for this week.
QUESTIONS: one or both
Remember you can access our Flickr site above by clicking on the banner of art.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Southern California Spring

Here's another lovely that I photographed while out walking, but I have no idea what it is so if any of you can identify it for me I'd really be grateful.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Leah and Dental Mission

Leah is my daughter, age 22. She is going to be working as a translator for a dental mission from America starting on Sunday. Please pray for her and the mission as they serve this coming week.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Southern California Spring

Shasta daisies I had to photograph while I was out walking with my dad. Don't you just know I must have looked like the proverbial tourist. I even tried to find postcards at the local shopping center with no success. Guess I wasn't in the typical tourist area.

Sisters In California

That's me on the Left and my two sisters, Neldie and Susie out for our annual "sister's day."

California Camillias

I really liked the delicate varigated pink and white in these pretties. I'm just amazed at the creativity and often in wonder over the beauty of what God has created. How can one not believe in a Creator when we gaze at such perfection.

Frugal Embellishments for Scrapbooking

From Thrifty Fun: I scrapbook all the time and I use them as gifts for family and friends. This is a hobby that can be very expensive, after you purchase paper and embellishments. I decided to save money on supplies I started cutting out objects and lettering from catalogs that we receive in the mail. I found all kinds of terrific sayings in beautiful lettering; lots and lots of designs to use as embellishments and even use some as bordering and framing. I have found school supply catalogs to contain lots of variety of different objects.

As you know embellishments can run between 99 cents to $4 or more in some shops. All I do is cut them from catalog and then crop them further to give them professional look and then glue them on. This has cut my scrapbooking expenses more than half.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make Your Own Scrapbook Paper

FOR CUSTOM SCRAPBOOKING PAPER line your scanner or copier bed with a sheet of clear plastic (to protect it). Next take anything you'd like to copy like shells, small stones, pasta, flowers, grass, cookies, candy, chocolate chips, crayons, sewing supplies, yarn, bubble wrap, lace and even birdseed or dried pet food. Place it carefully on top of the plastic liner sheet then scan or copy it. You will end up with some of the most amazing scrapbooking paper around! It looks totally real. Color usually works best, but some things (like lace) look wonderful in black and white. What about copying patterned fabric, old jewelry, beads, sweater material, the list is endless. Make your own embellishments from what you copy, like jewelry. Scan anything bulky to flatten for scrapbooking. I know from this you can come up with many more fun ideas that are also money saving. Yea!

Tax Tips for the Self-Employed Crafter/Artist

Tax time is just around the corner so some of you may want to check this out. Click on the title to open.

Southern California Spring

Just wanted to share with you some of the beauty of spring in Southern California. I thought it would be pleasant especially for those of you still in the midst of winter, as we are back in Ukraine. It was a bit strange, having left snow and freezing weather to come and see roses, daisies, camellias and more blooming.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tesha Moore Journal Page

I call this my Teesha Moore page as I did it, inspired by a similar piece, to try her technique. It was fun, so I think I'll do some more. Hope you like it, what do you think? Coleen

Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Life Path Challenge

Well, I must apologize for being so late in the day for some of you. I am on California time and it's early here, but that puts me at the end of the day for some of you.
Questions, your choice:

Don't forget, if you are doing art you can get to our Flickr site from the top of this blog. The banner links there on the right and those are some of the things done already for this challenge. Have fun. Coleen

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fabric Paper Instructions

Black patterned fabric with white background.
Red fabric with flower pattern.

I love trying new techniques and that is what this was. The reflective spots are a rather foil like wrapping paper. The rest are simple wrapping papers.

1. I started with a piece of light colored fabric (though one is done on patterned fabric) painting 50% water diluted glue on the surface (be sure you do this on plastic to protect your surface).

2. Then place your torn pieces of wrapping paper painting more glue on top.

3. Lastly lay down tissue paper (I used white here)painting glue over the top of that to finish it off.

Optional variations can include sprinkling glitter, using paper doilies, sprinkling very small/flat flower petals or seeds, etc. All this done before you put the final later of tissue down. You can sew on it after it is all dry. I even punched holes in mine with no problem. Remember, the more you dilute the glue, the softer the fabric/paper so experiment with the ratio. If you try it let me know. I have already cut it up and used it for cards, tags and journaling surface. Let me know what you do with it. I'd love to hear. Have fun, Coleen

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free E-Book, Scrapbooking Madness

If you like scrapbooking you'll like all the great ideas and inspiration in this book. And the best part is it is offered for free. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scrapbooking Tips and Techniques, Bloghop

Be sure and read all the way down as there are several great ideas and techniques that you can put to work in your art or scrapbooking immediately. Plus you'll have fun going on the bloghop. Click on the title above to go there. Enjoy, Coleen
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