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Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Life Path Challenge

Wow! Here we are at the last week of March. One quarter of the way through the year. Above is my tag/card for this week. Notice also above is the banner of pictures from our Flickr gallery. Each time you add a new picture to the gallery it shows up on the blog above. I think that's cool.


Bipolar Rollercoaster said...

Oh you have talent! Beautiful work! You've given me some ideas!

GoingTwinsane from Swap-bot

Coleen Franks said...

Thank you GoingTwinsane. Looking forward to your swap challenge. Already thinking on it.

Fiorella said...

That's great Coleen!|!!!

Fabi said...

Wonderful tag :)! I like it.
I need a lot change in my health...and I will try to go to a doctor for it.

I am your swap partner at swap-bot More than one Blog.
BubbLeGumGirLie ;)
Fabi =)

Brittany said...

I really love the tag! It's one of my favorite shades of green.

What I need to change is the way I eat and feed my kids. I've been working slowly toward since Jan. 1, but now that I've been watching Jamie Oliver on ABC, I'm trying even harder. I've made a menu for each week and I'm cooking more than ever. I'm also working toward making lunch for my son to take to school everyday, since the school lunches are quite...lacking.

Great blog by the way! I'm happy I was able to find it.

APlusAmigurumi from swap-bot

The Creative Place said...

Beautiful tag! :)

One thing I need to change is I need to be more efficient with my time-- to have a plan of things that need to be done and when to do them :)

TheCreativePlace from swapbot

Emma! said...

Hi I'm here from swapbot! I'm following you too now.

What to Change...I need to stop procrastinating and focus on making goals and reaching them!

--emmanemhandmade at swapbot

Anonymous said...

I need to:
1. Witness More.
2. Spend more time in prayer.
3. Do more Bible reading.
4. Get control of my weight and exercise(yuck!)
5. Be more exciting for my D.H. in bed
Those are the BIG things I need to do. The first one is the easiest, but I need the second and third to fight off the attacks and help the "seed". The fourth one seems impossible right now, because I haven't taken it seriously.
The last one is to overcome personal obstacles that stand in the way of my attitudes about sex (and I've been married 32 years in April!)

It is hard for me to pick ONE...when God keeps talking to me about ALL of them! Now that they are "out there" maybe I will feel more accountable!?

Your tag reminds me: I love butterflies...and the change they stand for...I think I will scrapbook a butterfly page to remind me of these things I need to change. Lindy [LindyLuLu on Swapbot, Lindy Cope Keers on Facebook]

Agnetha said...

It's a very nice blog you have!! Very fun to look at!!

(Agnetha - SwapBot)

Agnes Sim said...

halo...i've followed you. ;-)

Maria Isabel said...

I wouldn't say that ONE area of my life needs more change than another, but rather I lack a "skill" that wold make all my work (in every area of life) more fruitful. I wish I had more "discipline" to get things finished, to get up in time, to fulfill my commitments, etc.
-mariaisabel "comments on craft/design blog swap"

Jennifer McLean said...

good question...
I've changed so much in my life this year already but I need to keep charging forward with my art. I also need to eat better. It's wonderful to find your passion and it's obvious that you've found yours.
Lovely tag, btw.
Jaemac from swap-bot

Jennifer McLean said...

Hi Coleen,
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog (justaddwatersilly.com). Yes, I would love to follow your blog, but I already am!! hehehe, I'd follow twice if I could. You have such a richly abundant blog, it's a pleasure to peruse it.
I have happily hearted your etsy shop, and cannot express my appreciation for the heart to my shop!
Maybe sometime we can do a private zentangle swap, I'm adding you as a friend on swapbot, hope that's ok. Have a lovely Easter, Coleen.
Jenn (Jaemac)

Jessica said...

I very much like this tag.

I have been going threw a lot of changes over the past year. Some good some bad. I'm still in the transition. I never thought I would hear myself say that. I thought I had my life all figured out. It has come to amaze me how one person can change your life.

j3ss1ca (SB)

lucy said...

loved your tag
u are good at doing them
lucyco .......... swapbot

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