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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Gratefulness Spot - 365 Days of Gratitude

This group of ladies are the prayer warriors of our church. As pictured here, they are also scrapbooking what they are thankful for every day of the year. We meet monthly to set up our pages for the following month. Then they do some decorating, but also continue it at home. We all are learning to stay conscious of God's many blessing in life by simply writing at least one thing each day that he has done for us. It is a lot of fun as we get to add pictures of loved ones or even magazine pictures of things we just like or represent something we are thankful for. In addition it is a place where we can chronicle events that happen in the month and so it makes a diary-like record. Some also add verse, songs, poems, just anything that suits your sense of gratefulness. Why don't you try it? Any notebook will do and then let me know what you think. I'd love to hear.

Mini-Book for a Friend

Front cover of this book measure 3"x3" making it a very small mini-album. Leah and I had fun doing some of these.

Interior page

Interior page, picture tag: Leah.

Back Cover

Jewels for Ukrainians

Many have sent us their old costume jewelry to take apart and use in crafts. Well, not long ago I thought of another use for it. Some things were quite lovely and I thought it a shame to break them up. Therefore, we now do a board of jewelry for the Children's Fair. This fair is held at the end of each Sunday school semester. The children earn points for memorizing verse, good behavior, etc. At the end of the semester we have a big assembly and fair where they are issued play money with which to buy goodies. The kids, especially the older ones, really like the pretties. This photo is Leah, our daughter, manning the "sale" as the kids buy with fun money.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cracow, Poland

This is one of the doors of Cracow where we visited last week to do documents for Jeff's visa. If this isn't art I don't know what is. I have a thing about ornate doors and architecture so I take lots of door shots to use in my art work. Living in this part of the world has given me much material. When I retire and actually have time to do my own art work, I will have plenty to draw on. As for now, I am preparing for kid's camp starting on July 14th. It will be fun.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Generation Wedding Invitation

This is to tell you a little bit about our family. Leah is 22 years old (just 2 days ago on the 16th). Since she was a little bitty thing she used to emote over wedding processions when she saw them drive by. I suppose it was that fairy tale thing about little girls and weddings. Well, that interest has never left her and I know she does hope to marry someday. Thus, we make it a habit to collect wedding invitations in a file since we know, as missionaries, that will probably be a do-it-yourself project. Well, this is not one we can put in that file, but it was so clever I thought I'd show it to you all here. Have fun. Oh, and don't let the title throw you off...no vampires.


I don't know about most folks, but Jeff and I love maps. Our geography got a lot better about this part of the world when we moved here 15 years ago. This one shows where the Ukraine is in relation to Europe. Also, notice Poland next door. That is where we were last week to get a new visa for Jeff's (my hubby) passport. Cracow, Poland is a lovely historical town. We rented an apartment for less than a hotel room and had all the amenities.....except an elevator. We walked up 5 flights daily, but by the time we left it wasn't feeling so hard to do. From this map you can see why they call Ukraine "Eastern" Europe. We border Russia on the east.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gone Sooo Long

I made this little ditty to apologize for the long period of silence. After two weeks in America, home two days, then a week in Poland, well, I just fell behind, but I'm back. I also made this flower and card for a challenge sponsored by "The Secret Crafter" Saturday Challenge located here. Don't be gone long, more to come.
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