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Friday, June 28, 2013


Camp started at 9:30 each morning, though the most excited ones were there sooner.  The first activity was assembly where they heard Bible stories, saw a skit or a movie.

One of my craft activities where bead necklaces with pony beads.  Even the boys made them for their mom's.  So cute.

The oldest group made these boxes, though far from finished here.  They did lots more decorating.   This is the group of kids I invited to return to do a regular craft class starting tomorrow, Saturday.  Would appreciate your prayers for this that they would have remembered from a week ago.

Showing off the mini-books we did with old CDs as a base.  Even this, my youngest group made beautiful books.  They wee so proud of themselves.  I love what I do.

Sweet Dasha is from another church where I have done crafts for a couple of years with the ladies.  We've done prayer journals.   She came to observe how we do camp in our church and to help. She was a blessing.

This is the group I invited for craft class tomorrow.  They were pretty inventive with their projects.  I  just love how free children are with their creative endeavors.

Can you imagine such joy these little ones had with making puppets from foam figures and Popsicle sticks?  They didn't want to stop.

Each day was ended with assembly in the church hall again.  Here is the giving out of prizes.  Now that was a reason to come back and finish the day.

Can you tell how he was happy with his prize by how he's cuddling it?

Darling little Vica.  Having been in Ukraine for close to 20 years, I've known Vica and many of the children from birth.  What a privilege to do what I do.

Little Andre is wearing his beads for his mama and happy with his prize too.
Anastasia really liked painting on her t-shirt.  She's one I"m sure will come back for our class.

This is the front of Christina's book (see her name in Russian).  Every book went home with a lovely big gem provided by Cynthia Henderson of Texas.  They loved those gems.  Thanks, Cynthia for your love of children.

There were outdoor games everyday including parachute games.  Thanks to Dan and Cindy Williams of Arkansas for providing the parachute.

The last day, last assembly was to receive gifts provided by Samaratin's Purse.

No doubt how happy they all were to get this prize.

On their way home with their prize and their ice cream cone.  A happy ending to a happy week.  Please pray that some of these children who have not been in the church will start coming to Sunday school.  Your prayers and provision of craft materials are always appreciated.  I couldn't do it without you.


C'est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC said...

Very cool! TFS! It's La-Vie from C'est La-Vie Deisgns, Ultd. LLC. I'm your newest follower.


Coleen said...

Thank you C'est La-Vie for following. I am honored and so appreciate that. You have a beautiful smile.

Glenda said...

Fantastic post Coleen, the children look they have had a great time. You are a blessing sharing your artistic self with them. hugs xxxxxx

Coleen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Glenda. They had a great time and so did I. I love doing this. The pay off is those bright shining faces.
Hugs to you too...

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