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Friday, July 16, 2010

Spiderwort or Tradescantia

Even the small things that God creates can have such immense beauty. The lowly spider wort flower (what a name) has lots of bushy green and only these tiny flowers, but they are a treat every year. When in my garden, I can't help but be thankful for all His beauty. The Master Craftsman, the Great Artist/Creator who designed it all. What amazing imagination. And I get to make my little heaven on earth by arranging it all in the yard. My small part of playing with His beauty. An artist expressing through landscape. And then every winter it is all undone, but we wouldn't take such joy in it if it stayed year around would we? Is it not a wonder that artists draw so much from nature? What divine pleasure. Photo by Jeff, my husband.


Faye said...

Beautiful post, Coleen, and beautiful picture of the spiderwort. I had an elderly friend a few years ago who gave me some. They really got out of hand and I had to pull most of them up. She called them "Kiss me at the garden gate" flowers. She thought that was their name. Prayers for your upcoming camp.

Coleen said...

"Kiss me at the garden gate" sounds like a much better name than spider wort. I like this friend, she has the right idea. Thanks for your prayers Faye.

Zilliah said...

This is a gorgeous picture, I love all your photos of flowers!!

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