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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Card Class in Crimea, Ukraine

Some of these women have never crafted before.
Ukrainians are so talented.

I did this class earlier in the season. Just so much going on to get it all posted.
I share lovely scrap book materials that many send me for this since we can't buy them here. I am so grateful for scrappers generosity.
God has blessed in the joy and fun I have in doing these classes.
I also do what I call faith journals with ladies and a class on prayer journaling.
Please be in prayer for the message I always hope to send in working with ladies like this. The message of God's love for us all.
My thanks to all that have helped in this ministry. I could not do it without you.


zandra said...

Hi, this is so nice. Thanks for stopping by by blog. I tried to be a follower, but blogger couldn't connect me? I'll have to try later next week? Have a great week.

zandra said...
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Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, this is so wonderful--I love their beautiful faces and adorable art--it warms my heart!!! What a wonderful calling, Coleen...gee, I'm so happy we met!

Barbara Jean said...

What a wonderful ministry Coleen.
Beautufil ladies, beautiful work.

barbara jean

Rebecca Ednie said...

so good of you to help them out with this. very loving thebragal

Laura "Lala" said...

I just went to my first card-making event today. So much fun!

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mammagil said...

Hi Coleen, nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by my blog and following!!! I love what you are doing. I will indeed follow your blog and be blessed!!!!!See ya in CPA Group!

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