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Friday, July 16, 2010

Art Journal Page

I love this verse and how the page turned out. The best thing I can do is that He might be glorified. The background paper is from a 1959 Russian/English dictionary that makes for an interesting layer. I have that and a 1934 Websters dictionary I use papers from. The Webster's is quite interesting as it is obvious from reading that is was from a very different era. I would be glad to send some of these out if any one wants to swap for some scrapbook supplies. I'd love to get my hands on some vintage stuff (pix, embellishments, etc.)since I can't buy it here or whatever you have that you'd like to destash. I can always use it in my classes with the ladies here in Ukraine. All classes I do are free and I bring all the supplies. It is a ministry.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful art! and I have to say I haven't seen this scripture..guess I don't spend much time in Job. My daughter lives real close to ORU and it is inspiring to walk around the campus, I got a lot of good pictures there. How exciting that you teach art and that you have been missionaries for 17 years! Gods continued blessings on you! and all you do. Margaret

Coleen said...

Thank you Margaret. I love that verse and also was not familiar with it. I keep a folder of scripture. I wanted something about angels for the person I was making this piece for and I opened right up to it, first one. Is that being led or what. God has greatly blessed us in our life here. It is my great joy to lead classes and share the fun.

Rebecca Ednie said...

I'd love to have some pages from the 1934 dictionary! I have lots to trade that would be good for your card ministry. let me know at rebeccacell at gmail dot com. beautiful work by the way thebragal swapbot

Katie said...

dictionary pages are one of my favorite items to use in my crafts - especially in foreign languages!

This is kateandoli from swap-bot, now following!

<3, Katie

nannykim said...

I have never done any scrapbooking stuff! I am curious about a prayer scrapbook thing you mentioned on an earlier post--I wonder what that is?

Basement gal said...

I love this Coleen.

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