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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Sometimes I do swaps on Swap-bot.com. I often choose the swap based on something I want to learn from the process of what I am doing. This mini-quilt was one of those. I had a whole month in which to do it, but I kept putting it off. I felt confronted, but then that is why I did it. So I could get past that. In the end, I did it over a couple days and I was happy with the result. I handmade everything including the flowers. No sewing machine. I like working with fabric and want to do more. Hope you like it too.


Collection Papiers said...

Quilting is the only craft art I have never tried my hands on, although my mother is a fine quilter and the atelier space we share is full of fabric to the roof. I see this small piece and I am tempted to try something as small as yours. The colors used caught my attention. I am imagining this on the cover of a fabric sample book I could offer my mother. Hm! You are giving me some ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Coleen, this is very nice. I love quilting am in the middle of one at the moment-time consuming though. I do a square when I have free time -will finish it eventually.x.

Kimber said...

The blues look wonderful. All by hand...wow! You did a great job. Very creative.

Rebecca Ednie said...

This is really cool! Judging from the sequins, this looks to be about ATc size. I've made ATCs and I'm a very good sewer but i've never combined the two. I must try it!

Rebecca Ednie said...

I became a follower too

Anonymous said...

This inspires me to want to make fabric ATCs. When I have some "free time" I might have a go at it.

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