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Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 Life Path Challenge

This is the front side and below is the back side.
I don't usually do the back side of a tag,but because I like to make them so them so they can be hung from a door knob, that means it has to be balanced. So if I put buttons on one side, I have to balance it. I could do that on the front, but I just got carried away and was having fun.

Question for this week:

I know this sounds like last weeks question, but it is not and actually should bring some different ideas to the forefront of your mind. Take your time and think on this for a bit. It will be quite interesting to have this documented. We all have "events" that shape and mould our minds, hearts and character. What are yours?


Faye said...

Coleen, this is such a gorgeous tag. I really love those swirls. You have such a great bunch of embellishments.

As to an event that shaped my mind, I have many events. Spiritually, I think I'd have to say when a visiting team of college students came to our small church and gave their testimonies. I was an impressionable 15 year old. I think it was the first time I really heard the gospel in a way I could relate to, although my parents were Christians.

Lindy said...

Coleen, I love this tag...it is beautiful! Well, I am going to post that "God Story" I shared with you recently...

I worked in an office, that was very bad to it's employees, and one day I decided I didn't want to work in a place like that and I collected my stuff and left. I never should have done that. After searching 1.5 years, I asked God to show me a job, because I just couldn't find anything. I went out that day, and had 3 destinations. I also stopped at a camera/scrapbooking store after, and there on the window was a help wanted sign. I was elated, when they hired me on as the assistant scrapbooking manager. While I worked there I got a wonderful discount on merchandise and I stocked up, I bought so many things that went on clearance plus a discount. I sold all but two of my sizzix dies and used the money to buy the Cricut Expression on discount too. Even after going through my "stuff" I still have a fine supply. I loved that job too, I got to make layouts for the store and the Manager loved my work, so I was given a lot of freedom to create. At the same time, she taught me so much...ROYGBIV was something I learned the first week! i probably learned it years ago, but never remembered. I took so much Art in school. Tina pushed me in so many new areas, I still love her for it! I left the store when they started cutting hours (it was August) in November they gave the employees there 2 days notice and closed the store. All of those ladies hunted jobs for years, and three of them had husbands who were already laid off or getting laid off from the automotive industry here. I can truly count the blessings from God during that period of my life. I will tell my Grandchildren about how much fun it is to work at a job you love. My job now is in an office, it pays almost twice the money, but is a real headache most of the time.

Coleen said...

Faye and Lindy, What great testimonies. I love how God is always orchestrating in our lives.

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