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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is this Flower?

This is a progression from bottom up of the opening of this lovely flower. In Russian it is called Czarskaya Corona which means the Queen's crown or czar's wife's crown. If you know what this is called in English I would sure like to know so leave a comment below. I've only seen it here in Ukraine though we have many of the same flowers as in the U.S. Sure would like to know.


Fiorella said...

Coleen, the botanical name is Fritillaria imperialis and the English name (if my dictionary says the truth) is crown imperial.
Hope this helps

Coleen said...

Well, Fiorella, I've heard of that flower I just never new what it looked like and now I have one. Thank you so much for sharing that info. Now when a visitor to my garden asks I can tell them in Russian, English and Latin.

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