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Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Life Path Challenge

With the coming of Mother's Day I've been thinking about families and relationships more than usual lately. It is quite interesting when we stop to think how our Creator put families together. So in celebration of Mother's Day and families in general I decided to do a series of vintage tags that speak about relationships. Hope you like this one and the ones that follow.

What is the one thing you've held back expressing to your mother or other significant loved one, that you could say and bless their day and life? How will you go about this?


Fiorella said...

It is really great, Coleen! I love it.

Fiorella said...

It is really great,Coleen! I love it.

Lindy said...

What a pretty tag, I love it.

Tonight I was at my grandson's Art show at school. We talked about you...I showed him where
Kiyev was on the globe. He was so excited that I talked to someone who was almost on the other side of the world...and impressed that you were a missionary too. Thanks for being a friend!

Coleen said...

Lindy,,that is so cool. How many grandkids do you have?

Anonymous said...

Hello Coleen! Thank you for your visit and I appreciate that you put my picture up. THank you so much!!! I am following you now and on facebook too! :) I will add your etsy shop to my etsy faves also. THank you again and I look forward to reading about you and your beautiful and lovely blog! :) Have a beautiful week!

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