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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Did this back in August. Guess I'm a bit behind in posting things. Lots of classes I need to post too, but when it comes to doing or posting, I just think the "doing" has to take priority. Hope you all aren't too crazy with Christmas preparations in the west. Here in Ukraine that is all much more relaxed. No big rush of buying expensive "stuff." Remember, take time and breathe deep.


Gio said...

It's lovely, Coleen!

Sarah said...

That is so pretty! Is this anyone you know? Have a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Pretty tag, Coleen. Not so stressful here, I wondered what December would be like after writing away the month of November. It's easier when Christ is kept in Christmas.

maisie sparrow's vintage pictures said...

Hi Colleen I just found your blog again.Wonderful tag!Merry Christmas to you and Blessings for 2012.Maisie.

Robotgranny said...

Hi Colleen! I had already followed you a long time ago!

I havent been blog reading.I am so sorry for that. But do keep up w these amazing reads!

God Bless.

DeeJae (Deb) said...

Your little tag is beautiful! May you have a WONDER-filled Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Karen Grigsby said...

Your tag is beautiful. I have a lot of old family photos i could create with if I ever venture to atc's.

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Coleen said...

You should do it Karen. So easy and lots of fun, especially when they are your own pix.

patricias fabric art said...

Hi Coleen thanks for visiting me. I am already a follower of yours-actually I visited just before the Christmas and had a good look around.I'm glad to hear it's not as mad there as here -honestly you would think the shops were never going to open again the way people behave!!I love this tag really vintage looking Have a great year all the best Mary Patricia

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