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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Sometimes missionary families are left feeling a bit "out-of-the-loop," in regard to their home culture. I mean, we are in our 18th year of living overseas so despite internet, some things just slip by. Only today I was visiting another blog and she had this musical piece by TSO. It brought back memories of our 2007/08 furlough when we were first introduced to this fab music. We were in a small Texas town going to our hotel room when we came upon this wonderful display of Christmas trees and what looked like something out of Disneyland with lots of figures and light up displays. As we marveled the trees and figures just pulsed in rotation to this wonderful music which we only later found out was TSO. We could have stayed for hours, but alas we had an early morning church visit. So enjoy.


Faye said...

Music is such an important part of Christmas! It always brings back memories for me too. Hope all is well in your part of the globe..

Anonymous said...

Our son-in-law won tickets to see TSO last winter. They loved it! Thanks for sharing the video.

D. High said...

I think TSO is phenomenal! My favorite Christmas music bar none. pattisjarrett, your son-in-law is so lucky. I have wanted to see them for years. I understand they give a fabulous concert. Colleen, I hope your Christmas is wonderful and you have the opportunity to enjoy much more TSO Christmas music.

Coleen said...

Nothing like good music to lift the spirits. I must admit it's my most moving form of worship. Thanks for visiting ladies. I so appreciate your comments.

Gena said...


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