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Monday, July 30, 2012


 Twice a month a drive about 40 minutes to a town northwest of me to do crafts with a church group.
 We've had some pretty hot weather and I thought they'd like having a fan since most here don't have airconditioning in their homes.
 As you can see also by the banner on the back wall, they celebrated my birthday that day with a cake. A sweet bunch of ladies.
 Once finished one of the ladies remarked with amazement, "and they really work."
 I've done these in several camps this summer and they are always a hit.
 Thank you to all who send supplies.  You can see here how we've used your old cards. What a blessing you are to us and the ladies say to tell you "THANK YOU."


Creatively yours Fi said...

They look gorgeous!! What a fabulous idea :) It's freezing cold here.....I'm longing for the warmer weather :))I need to make something that'll warm me up...!

Anonymous said...

They do nice work, fun to see. Thanks for sharing creative joy with them, Coleen.

Jerene Reddin said...

what fun! love your creativity! Especially like the Mary Englebreit fan, cause I am a "fan" of hers! :)

bohemiannie! art said...

Hi Colleen! I don't know why you weren't still on my list of blogs that I follow...but that's been remedied. (Did I spell that right)? Love the idea for the fans! Happy Birthday! - even if I'm a little late!

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