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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crafts at Camp in Ukraine

 Ohs and ahs over pretty materials.  It was hot so we made fans.  No a/c at camp.  Here they are enjoying the pretty greeting cards people send.  We used those for one side of the fan.
 This little man did a superb job.  No one snubbed fans with as hot as it was at camp in the woods.
 Even one dad got in on it.  We used depressor sticks for handles.
 Moms and their kids.  It was a family camp with 33 in attendance for one week.
 Some of the teen girls who made really pretty fans with their cards and cut-outs.
 Even one babushka made herself a fan to help with the heat.
It is my joy to do this.  I mean, what better job could one have than to go play with kids and their parents.  Well, it's not really a job, but a ministry.  Everything I use is provided for by loving hearts in America who send materials since there are no Hobby Lobby stores here.  For that I am so grateful.


Judy West said...

I have an over abundance of craft stuff after being in the craft industry for 25 years. Email me an address and I would be happy to send you some crafty supplies. My email address is creativedoodling101@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Coleen, Bless You for being so willing, and in those hot temperatures, too! God surely is using you to spread His love, isn't he?!
Have a blessed day~

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! This is so AWESOME! Kudos for all you do :)

Micia ;)


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