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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Cards from my ladies class in Borydyanka.  They are doing such lovely work.  If you want to see more click in the right panel for FranksUkraine blog as these are just a few.  I travel about 40 minutes every two weeks to be with them.  We alternate between cards and their prayer journals.  Soon we will have those all set up.  Thank you to all who send materials.  I couldn't do this ministry without you so you are a blessing to many.  Love and hugs, Coleen


Sandy said...

Coleen wow many many beautiful cards.
Simply and lovely. xoxo

Coleen said...

Thank you, Sandy. They did do such a lovely job. I"m often amazed at their creativity considering they have no art training.

pooky said...

They made beautiful cards!!! I bet they do look forward to seeing you:)

Flutter Before You said...

Great Cards Coleen! Happy Creating:)

Laurie Jefferies said...

What a lovely ministry! You must enjoy seeing what they create so much. Next time I go through my stash I'll make sure to check with you to see if I could send some supplies to you.

Sharon said...

Coleen, I loved looking at the greeting cards designed by your group. Lot's of good imagination put to use. I have been making handmade cards for many, many years. The best thing I find about doing this, is how it really touches the one who is the recipient of the card. I have heard stories that make me smile, bring a tear of joy and touch my heart. I make a card for the holidays every year, and people always look for my card. It has become a tradition for some. Some have been framed, others have become part of their holiday decorations. Tell this story to your group, as maybe they too can bring some joy to someone special as well!

Coleen said...

Thank you Sharon for the story. I'll tell them, but I think they know better than I. They say a handmade is so much more special.

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