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Monday, August 10, 2015


 At the end of last month the ladies had a women's conference at our church, Bethany Church of Bucha.  We had a nice turn-out.
 Here I'm instructing the ladies in our first session.  After 18 years in this church I know them all.
 We had crafts on two days.  The first was to create hearts to give to children at the local psychiatric hospital.  Of course, they all had Bible verses and pretty decorations plus a ribbon to hang it up.  These were given with Samaritan's Purse boxes.  Quite thrilling for the kids.

 Crafting is always a fun time of fellowship and though this was a ladies group we also had a few younger ones get in on the fun.

 This is my sweet friend Olya.  I usually take pictures so I'm rarely in them, but my husband Jeff was around with his camera this time.
 And in case you are wondering what that is hanging around my neck, my sweet Facebook friend, Merrie Hogle made me a name tag with my name in Ukrainian on it.
 Our second day of crafts the ladies made hearts for themselves to take home as a reminder of our two days of talks and fellowship.  What a blessing it was.

And even this little guy made a heart.  He was around both days to "help out."  I just love what I get to do in sharing the joy of creativity.  I couldn't do it without all the generous and loving people who
send the materials.  I am so grateful to all of you and for the privilege of doing this work.


Robin said...

Great pics Coleen. Good to see the young ones included too. Looks like everyone had good fellowship time together. Thanks for sharing. God bless you. Kimberly

Christina Frost Clayton said...

It certainly looks like everyone had a lovely time creating together Coleen. It was a nice surprise to see some photos of yourself too. God bless. Love Tina.

Carolyn Hawkins said...

How fun for everyone...everyone seems to be enjoying making the hearts with you.
Love what you do!!

CrackedcupAnnie said...

Great fun Coleen.....and inspirational as well...

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