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Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Birds of a Feather" Mixed-Media Tutorial

On Facebook someone asked me how I did these.  She liked seeing through the image to the text or music below.  It really is not difficult so I shall summarize enough that you could repeat it.  This one has a Russian music sheet. And you'll need napkin images of your choice.  As you can see I like birds and these were from my napkin collection.

I started with a card stock base to give a bit more strength, though I have done these on heavy paper as well.  You could also gesso your paper to add strength, but I don't often do that.  Some of it I stamped before I did anything around the edges and some stamping I did after adhering my text and images.  It really is your choice.  This one has a Russian language phone book page in the background.

After stamping you are ready to adhere your background layer.  You can also paint and do other decor around your edges.  This background text is a Russian language phone book page again.  I like using foreign text.  Rather gives an air of mystery. Use Elmer's Glue (PVA) diluted at least 50% or ModPodge.  You want it pretty watery.  Living in Ukraine where I can't easily buy many materials I mostly use the white glue.  It works well and it's cheap.

Paint the surface of the cardstock where you will lay your background paper or paint the back of the image.  I lay the text down, paint the glue on top of it and immediately take it to my heat gun (hair dryer also works) to dry as fast as I can to prevent too much buckling in the lower card stock.  When that is dry I repeat the process for the napkin (all layers removed except top image).  I do not paint the back of the napkin.  Only the surface upon which I will lay it.  It is too delicate.  Once down I paint on top of it, but here you must be very careful not to overwork it as napkin fibers break down quickly and it could start tearing so watch closely as you work.  Then go immediately again to the heat gun and dry.  When you are all done you can press it in a book to help flatten, but I usually don't mind a bit of buckling as I think that adds to the character of the piece.    I also do these in my art journal.  See previous post of Oct. 11 or go here http://vintageterrace2.blogspot.com/2012/10/projects-using-tissuenapkins-for.html.  In addition, the post just below shows a suitcase I altered using napkins.  Give it a whirl.  These are fun and there are so many beautiful napkin images.


The Creative Beast said...

Hello and WOW!! I'm a visiting participant of Blogtoberfest and stopping by for a visit...so glad I did! I love your work - so colorful, so vibrant and so nostalgic! I love your style of layering and I'm intrigued with the Russian phone book pages!! I wish I could have a few of those to use in my collage art work...sigh... =-)

Anonymous said...

These are pretty. I like your phone book pages, and of course the birds!

Coleen said...

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I so appreciate them. I"d be happy to send you some pages. We can do a swap.

Coleen said...

Thank you, sweet Patti. I know you are a bird lover too. Thanks for stopping by. You are an ever faithful follower. I so appreciate that.

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