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Saturday, March 24, 2012


On Saturdays I'm doing a small class. Most time my classes are much larger, but because it is an intimate group we are having such fun. I can work more with each individually. Though we met today, these are their pieces from last week. This first piece is done by Andre (Andrew), age 14. He was listening as I spoke of various techniques and made an extension off the small board I had given them to work on. In addition, the upper right corner green patch is some tissue he wadded up and painted to give it a 3D affect. Then, without anything I said, he grabbed some of the sugar (we always drink tea while we work) and sprinkled it into his wet paint for another cool textural touch. I was very please with his overall composition.
Pavel (Paul), also 14, really likes cats so this piece very much represents that. He had fun doing extensions and even included some Styrofoam stamping techniques he learned in our first week on his lower extension.
Liza (Elizabeth), who is teaching them English right before my class is 23 years old. She teaches English in the younger grades as her career, but she is also very artistic. In this piece she started with a landscape picture that ended up all obscured, but some of the flower. So fun to see through all her layers of work for a great final outcome. Such a privilege and pleasure to work with them. Let us know what you think of their work. I know they'd be thrilled to hear your remarks. Blessings, Coleen


Creatively yours Fi said...

Their pieces are wonderfully creative coleen. I hope to be able to do classes one day also. Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog. It was amazing to go to Tracy's workshop. She's very motivated.....it wouldn't surprise me if Tracy managed to get to the Ukraine one day soon ;)

Faye said...

What refreshing and beautiful mixed media art works! Coleen, you must be a very good teacher for your students to produce such nice things. Andrew's mixed media has such vivid and gorgeous colors. I know it also has texture due to the sprinkling of sugar! Paul's cats are so adorable. I love the one licking his chops like he's getting ready to feast on a field mouse. Very nice array of all sorts of beautiful cats. And Elizabeth's painting is gorgeous and balanced in design as well as having lovely colors to it. I love the stamping that made the circles in these art pieces. And I noticed a bit of sequin waste stamping too.

*jean* said...

wonderful work by your students! i really like all 3 pieces so much!! so nice to meet you here in blogland too!

judyvansant said...

I've been following your blog. Thanks for the helps! Please follow me.

Coleen said...

Judy, so glad you are now blogging. Coming right over to follow.
Hugs, Coleen

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