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Monday, October 10, 2011

Kid's Klub in Bucha, Ukraine

For some months I've been talking to our Sunday School director about starting a Saturday kid's activity so we could bring in more children from our town who are not in church. We did our first Kid's Klub and had 13 children. It was a start and I know it will grow. We did songs and crafts, but starting next month we will also offer English classes so that will bring more out. You can see from these pictures we had a real range in age. Please be in prayer for this monthly children's ministry. My thanks to Marge Naperski who sent the lovely fish pictures for this project. The kids loved it. And send us your buttons and old jewelry for craft projects. Grateful for you, Coleen


Math Resources said...

Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

ArtLover said...

wish i could join ^^

Azed from swap bot "show me your crafty blog"

Pattie said...

Will definitely be lifting you up in prayer :) And, English classes sounds pretty cool, I hope that your project continues to grow!

structuredchaos Love Comment Blog ♥

Iggygirl said...

wow those crafts their making are beautiful, I love how colourful they are. Making crafts with children is so much fun.

-iggygirl (check out my blog #3 swap)

Doda Smith said...

The fish pictures look lovely. Was there a bible lesson that went with this?

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