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Monday, August 15, 2011


One of my great blessings is to do crafts with different age groups. This group is our Sunday school team. They are always doing for others. Just after children's camp we met to do something for them. I usually do crafts at camp, but was out of the country and returned in time to do this with them. Though it is not often real hot in Ukraine, sometimes it is, for short periods, so we made fans. We re-purposed greeting cards and they made some of the prettiest crafts. They all had a verse on them and some were going to be given to friends. You can see by the sweet smiles on these faces how blessed I am to work with this fine group of sisters.

This fan was made by "Galya." She took advantage of some of the alphabet letters I had. Galya is second from right and just got married at the end of July (side note).

Here the girls are showing off their bracelets. This is another aspect of ministry I do. At times lovely ladies in America have sent me their old jewelry. I can use broken, outdated, jewelry and watches, just anything. We use it in various ways. One, as here, is to re-purpose it into bracelets. The girls love making bracelets. Our Sunday school director, Lena Bandura is standing on the right. A big thanks to those of you who have sent jewelry. I couldn't do it without you. Lord bless.

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Faye said...

What a lovely bunch of ladies, Coleen! They are blessed to have you lead them in activities such as with the repurposing of cards and jewelry making. They look like they really love to meet and do things together.

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