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Friday, July 1, 2011


Summertime doesn't afford much time for being in my studio, but now and then I get to put a few finishing touches on something I started previously. This is one of those. I actually started it many months ago, but that is the thing about an art journal....sometimes you keep coming back until you feel it is finally done. Both pages have dried flowers I put on with glaze medium...took forever to dry.

Left pages says: "But now ask the beasts,
and they will teach you;
And the birds of the air,
and they will tell you;" Job 12:7

Right page says: Listen, learn
Hope you like it. Would love to hear what you think.


Cyndi L said...

I *love* birds and bird imagery, Colleen! Your cardinal looks like he's whispering the Job quote into her ear :-)

Patricia Jane said...

Colleen, these are great! I'm working on an art journal, too, and can use all the inspiration I can get! Yours is an inspiration!

Coleen said...

Unfortunately, so much is lost in the photography, but what can I do. Even the birds tend to blend in. I love birds too Cyndi. I really must do more with them.

Anonymous said...

Your pages are lovely, Coleen. You know I like birds, they add a special touch to your images.

Dawn said...

Wonderful pages I do hope you will join in we my journal challenge this month Coleen ;0)

Love Dawn xx

Lynn said...

These pages are great. Love the dried flowers on them. Lynn

Mimi said...

Oh wow! Thats beautiful!!! I love the birds!! Ichigoshortcake from swapbot! x

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