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Saturday, July 2, 2011


In May I was invited by friends and fellow missionaries, Richard and Vicki Nelson to go to a children's cancer hospital to do scrapbooks. The town of Zhitomyr is about 3 hours west of us so it is not a place I can go to often, but we met up with a couple of girls who wanted to do this ministry for these children. It was my blessing to bring materials and show the girls how to minister in this way. The opportunity to give the children some joy.

An attempt to create cheer in a very sad place.

This young man has been here almost a year, but he had the sweetest spirit.

These are pictures some of the children do since they have a lot of time.

The mothers stay in the hospital with their children and care for them. What about the one's at home you ask?

This was the actual doing of the class for the kids and showing the girls how to do it. I am so blessed at times that this ministry is moving out for others to do besides me. I am especially gratified when Ukrainians do it because it will continue long after I'm gone.

This is a page from the book of a 9 year old Girl, Anya. Though she was very subdued, I could see by her book she had great fun. It is my joy to be able to be a small part of giving that enjoyment to children. To Him be the glory.

Please pray for these children and the girls ministering to them. My unending thanks to all those who supply materials that I can do this work. I am so blessed.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to go, Coleen. What a blessing to see growth of the seeds you've been planting. What kinds of materials do you need, and how would we go about getting them to you? I can always thin my stash. :)

Robin's Treasure Nest said...

What a great impact that you sharing your scrapbooking skills will have on the kids. Not only the creative & emotional release it will provide, but also giving them something to focus on. I know when I am involved in an art or craft project it seems to have a soothing effect.

Dawn said...

There is always reward in service and this is wonderful service and bless you as well as the children for the care given

Love Dawn xx

SilverNikNats said...

Such a great thing to do and a really nice post x

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