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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stools in the Netherlands

I fell in love with these stools the moment I saw them. I'm sure this is a European thing because I've never seen stools like that in the states, but I have some just like them in my house. Now my imagination is turning on stool ideas, what fun. Just go here: http://bobbeez-8r1id.blogspot.com/ and you can go and see many cute crafts Susan does.


Bobbeez-8r1id said...

thanks for writing about my blog. I immediately added some English text to my blog-posts so all can read it!!!

.... and for all to know, I did not make those stools, they are the result of the bithday partner of my oldest daughter who turned 8. They had so much fun painting and sewing and I am still excited about the results!!!!
(sure I will make some for my own soon!!!)


Jessica said...

Those stools are really cool looking. If I can find some extra time I know what project I would love to try.

Shiloh Ayn said...

Ladycregga here from swap bot! Just here to let you know I am following you!

Manon said...

Oh well I am proud to say I am dutch and I love those stools!!!

katielyn said...

How fun those are! This is Katielyn from swap bot.

Aimee Dars said...

Very cute! I've heard of decorated chairs for a "CHAIRity" auction.

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