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Sunday, October 25, 2015


 I must admit that I'm not sure who has more fun.....the kids or me.  Today they got to try their hand at collage.
 This is the biggest class of the four classes I do.  We had twelve today.
 Our project is a practice run of collage in preparation for the next project which will be a folder they will collage to keep all their work in from the school year.
 They are learning about colors, placement and juxtaposition.
 I think I shall have to come up with some sort of prize for whoever collects the most pieces over the school year.
 Or, maybe we'll do an art show at the end of the school year.  We did that several years ago.
 This is our oldest children's Sunday school group.  I did crafts with them all last year as well.  Of course, I've done crafts with them from the time they started Sunday school since I've been doing this for about 15 years now.
So this is my last years with these sweet kids.  I do four classes alternating two each Sunday.  Next week, if I don't forget my camera, I shall take pictures of the younger two groups to show you.  They are so much fun.  Thanks to all of you who send supplies for me to be able to do this ministry.  It is my joy and love it.


Jeff said...

Nice work! Wonderful kids & pics!

Carolyn Hawkins said...

How fun for the kids to do this. They enjoy doing collages and I'll wager they will be making more at home!
The kids really did a great job at this and they seemed to work well with each other.
Thanks for the lovely pics for all of us to see your art in action!!

Artseyanne said...

Hi Coleen,
The children's work is fabulous.
I know we have spoken before but not sure which platform it was on.....such is the cyber world.
Would you mind emailing me please...spiterfa@optusnet.com.au
Looking forward to hearing from you
Anne Spiteri

Coleen said...

Thank you all for your comments. Thank you, ArtseyAnne for your desire to send stickers. The children will love that. I know God disposes hearts to do such things.

dragonriding said...

Looks fun....Pat (CCA)

Barbara Jean said...

this is great! Love that you teach classes in what you do.
I taught painting, adults and kids, for 28 years before I opened my antique shop.
Sharing what we have learned, whether it be crafts, marriage help, or our walk with the Lord and life lessons, is why we are given both gifts, and turmoils. Life is about sharing what we have learned.
Good for you!!


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