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Thursday, October 24, 2013


In September Jeff and I took a trip to the town of Kachanivka, east of the capital,  Kiev, to see a castle.  Pristine and stately, it was owned by Pyotr Rumyantsev, Catherine II's Viceroy to Ukraine. He sold it to a Ukrainian who collected Hetman weapons, and under the Soviets it became a penal colony and tuberculosis hospital. They left the scene (thank God!) and now it is a National Historical and Cultural Preserve. A very peaceful and interesting place to walk.
As we toured the castle I was pleased to see examples of native art and many other artifacts.
 I especially loved the dolls and weavings as is evidenced by my photos.  Interesting that there are no faces on these dolls.  Wish I knew what this represented.
 I like the agricultural theme of this weaving.

 Orange and red...very traditional colors in Ukraine.  The word for red means "beautiful."
 An overview of the room and more dolls, some with faces.
 I just love the workmanship and detail in these dolls.
 A rich heritage of art.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Ukrainian art.  I love it when you leave messages and would be honored if you followed on this blog.


Abi's Blog said...

Dear Colleen,
I LOVE the beautiful castle, the folk art, and the dolls - they are my favorite. I would love to use a selection of them to make a nativity...Just as soon as I become a millionaire, I will send you money to buy me a set of them. Ha Ha!
Love and blessings,
PS - I've been working on catching my blog up to date - you'll have to check it out.
Love yours!

Ang said...

WOW there sure is some truly beautiful art in there, thanks for sharing

Pat Taylor said...

Just loved the dolls and the woven wall hangings they are gorgeous . Thank you for being a new follower of mine! If you teach card making how come you don't blog some of your pupils cards? xxx

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