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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Already we have had several freezes in Ukraine so the flowers have been gone now for a bit, but I wanted to show you this pretty little corner of my garden because in the cold and bitterness of winter it is a delight for the soul to see something lovely.  Therefore as winter goes on I shall occasionally post some beautiful little tidbit from the summer display.  Like my art, the garden is one of my areas of pleasure.  It really is simply another expression of art using the medium of the garden.

When we moved to this home 15 years ago the yard was nothing more than a wild forest.  It was chest high in  "maleena" (wild raspberries)  and an abundant crop of "krapeeva" (stinging nettle).  I never had a plan to necessarily do the whole yard, but little by little, year after year I would plant more and it just grew.  Many of the sweet people of Ukraine gave me things from their gardens to get a start.  From that time I've transplanted and added.  This tiny teapot above has been in the garden since we moved here.  Winter after winter it survives through the season and moves from one spot to another.  As you can see here I do have a few little figurines in the garden that some have given me, but you can rest assured there are no elves or gnomes lurking around in the tall plantings.  Both of these pictures are shots of my rock garden.  It started out as a small clay hill in one corner of the yard in which I knew not a lot would grow so rock garden seemed like the thing to do.  Hope you like this little peek into my garden.


Fotini Little Treasures said...

So beautidul photos....!!! your garden seems to be a very pleasant place!!!
Kisses, Fotini

The Domestic Curator said...

Your garden is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your lovelies!

Coleen said...

Yes, Fotini, it is a very pleasant place. I like sitting in it, but I don't usually sit very long before I'm up and doing something I see. Thanks for stopping by.

Coleen said...

Ronda, I so appreciate you coming by and your encouraging remarks. Love your blog too.

Abi's Blog said...

I always enjoy "peeking" into your garden. So beautiful. I don't seem to get as much done in mine as I would like...I have great plans and then it gets HOT in the summer time! I have been praying for your dad...I'm glad he is better. I know how hard it is to watch your daddy suffer. Daddies are supposed to be big and strong and always there to care for us...it was so hard to see mine so frail. I'm glad we know our Heavenly Father has prepared an eternal home for us and for our fathers.

Coleen said...

Thank you, Ava for your sweet thoughts and prayers. They are so appreciated. Bless your heart.

Fiorella said...

Beautiful! I love having a look at your garden.

Coleen said...

Yours too, Fi. I hope to someday visit yours and maybe someday you can visit mine. Then we could play in my workshop studio. Wouldn't that be fun?

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