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Friday, August 24, 2012


 Pavel and Tanya Gerashenko are Ukrainian friends we've known for some years.  They worked with Muslim people in Turkey for a time and now are settled in Russian where they work with a Turkish group.  The Lord has blessed us in being able to come alongside and help them.
 Tanya is meeting with children four times a week, twice with boys and twice with girls. She tells stories and does crafts.  I've sent her several small packages to help with this.  She sent these pictures to show me what she's doing.  I just had to share with you since so many of you have helped in sending me supplies.  I'm grateful that I can help her.
 So cute what they've done.  Below is a letter from Tanya.  I know it reads funny, but that is because it was written in Russian and translated through Google Translate.
 Are these girls darling or what?  Tanya says they love doing crafts, but then I think all kids do.
Thank you very much and also for the craft book you are sending!

New list: paper adhesive, color that you despatched before. Plaiting bracelets, beads, rubber thread on which to string beads, girls love, rhinestones, ribbons, stickers, yarn for knitting .. Boys stickers, various small items for decoration. Scaffold and others for key chains. (Only with crosses and Jesus we do not use.)
Another very different interesting. I use it all there is. They all come up with and try to do something. The local children are not spoiled and the first time doing crafts. They are very happy and pleased to come. I read to them from the beginning of the creation of the Holy Scriptures of the world. They had never heard of. And happy to listen. It's wonderful! Thank God that He has given the desire and through you to implement.  We went to Dagestan., (husband is translating the Bible into Lak), she worked in the church needlework, donated some materials (crystals, tissue paper).
Now children come four times a week. Half girls and half boys. there are different children that come. There are Kabardian, Turks, one Russian girl. On average, one lesson come 5 to 8 children. Boys more.

Thank you!!
With love Tanya.


bohemiannie! art said...

Awesome work Coleen!

Glenda said...

That is a beautiful story Coleen.. Bless you all for what you are doing.

Dawn said...

Your always helping some one ;0) I love this about you xx

Creative Geek said...
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Creative Geek said...

Fantastic blog Coleen from Kate Campion

Piimanyx said...

Love Comment Blog ♥ (9) Swap (1/3) Piimanyx
Hello, how are you ^^ ?
It's make long times :) !
You are still in travel !
It's so fantastic !
Art are not border !
It's so faboulous that you make ;)
Good job :)

Angelina said...

I love this.
so sweet of you
God Bless

Katie said...

The crafts are so cute(:

I am new following both of your blogs. I can't wait to see more of your creations!

Katie @ Curse of the Bibliophile
(kcody03 from swap-bot)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing thing that you are doing, that is truly inspiring and thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it and wish you well :)

Coleen said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Soooo encouraging.

Katie said...

I have awesome news: I've nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award!

Check out the post on my blog for the rules http://curseofthebibliophile.blogspot.com/2012/09/thank-you-so-much-bella-harte-bella.html?zx=67598d4b26f361f6

Glenda said...

Coleen, thanks for visiting my blog. When I get back from New Zealand at the end of the month I will sort out some vintage ATC's and send them to you. Its going to be good to visit family over there. Some we haven't seen for about 4 years or more. But it will be an art fast :-)

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

That is a great thing you do and the kids must have a great time. The crafts they did came out so cute!

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