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Monday, February 6, 2012


How does one encapsulate who they are in pictures in their day-to-day life? Well, I've made a stab at it below. It covers some of the things I like to do at home and out in the world. Hope you like it. Let me know. I love your comments and always am encouraged by them. Gardening is one of my summer pastimes. I have a large flower garden. My husband took this lovely iris shot last summer. Photography is his hobby, but I digress.
This cute piece is and example of the kind of vintage art play I like to do. It was done for a swap I'm hosting on Swap-bot.com
This is one of my ladies classes. We are doing prayer scrapbooks for 2012. I love doing this sort of thing. It gives me a chance to share my faith and strengthen ladies in the art of prayer.
These two are a sample of one of my pieces of artsy fun. It went to West Virginia, USA.
This is me having fun with kids.
This picture you might call my icon. It's what identifies me across most of my social media sites. It was taken several years ago in a heavy winter not so different from what we have right now.


nannykim said...

hmm, wondering about the climate there---from the snowy look with the coat and then the flowers!

DeeJae (Deb) said...

I've enjoyed seeing your day-to-day life and more of your art. I haven't heard of swap-bot.com -- I'm going to check it out.

Blessings! :-)

Coleen said...

Well, the iris is from summer, Kim, from my garden, and the snowy pic is what it looks like right now, if not deeper. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Dawn said...

These are beautiful what fun you must have in the classes ;0) Dxx

~April~ said...

That iris picture is gorgeous! I have no experience in gardening, but I'd love to learn one day. I love flowers, and I'd love to grow some vegetables this year. We recently moved out to the country, so now's my big chance! :)

Coleen said...

April, just "go for it" in the garden. That's how I learned just trying stuff as I too had no background. Now I have 14 years of playing in this yard and it is beautiful. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

Coleen said...

If you get on Swap-bot, Deb, look for my profile (coleenfranks). Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well in your world.

Coleen said...

You are right, Dawn. The classes are such a blessing. I love when people experience the joy of creativity. We are made in His image so it is natural for us to be creative.

Candy C said...

Your tag is beautiful! Such a lovely lady on the top tag. I love how it can move to the side to reveal "thanks". Thanks so much for joining us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

Nancy Wethington said...

Beautiful tag. Love the colors you used and the design. Thanks for joining the challenge at Simon Says Stamp & Show.

Mary EH! said...

Beautiful!! I LOVE the idea of prayer scrapbooks! The tag is gorgeous and that flower photo is breathtaking. Thanks for telling us about yourself <3

SilverHealer on Swap-Bot

bluecrayons said...

gorgeous creations, love the antique photo with lace all around it, which swap was that for? love the photo of you and the puppies. i miss the snow :(

bluecrayons on swapbot.

oh yea im now following .


pattisj said...

We got a dusting of snow last night. It was crunchy/icy when I went out to fill bird feeders today. So far, it has been a very mild winter. Thanks for sharing pictures of the lovely people you work with and your surroundings. Makes me thankful for just a wee bit of snow!

Coleen said...

The tag with the lace around it is for a swap I'm hosting on Swap-bot.com in the Skinny group. It's open for signing up until the 24th. That's what I will be sending to my swap partner. The theme is "vintage child." You can find it here: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/111874
Blessings, Coleen in Ukraine

Leila Summers said...

Hi Coleen
You are the first person I have ever met who lives in Ukraine! I am always interested in hearing about the foods from other countries. As a child, we had family friends from the former Yugoslavia and I used to love visiting them for the amazing food we’d be served! I also love vintage items and using them in my crafts – books, buttons, music sheets, anything really. As with April, who commented earlier, we have also just moved to the country and so I’m beginning to do some gardening too. I’ve started with some herbs, strawberries and cherry tomatoes which are doing famously, but the vegetables I’ve planted haven’t grown yet. I’m holding thumbs that they will and that we will have them in time for some yummy winter soups. It’s summer here in South Africa, but even in winter, we don’t have any snow. Your pictures look lovely and I hope, someday, to be able to show my girls some snow like that! Lovely to meet you.
Leila (rubyrose)

Lima said...

Hi there Collen, nice to meet you!
Is that Iris from your garden? It's very beautiful (the photo too!). And what about those two boys?? So cute, do you like pets?
Excuse me now, I'll take a look around your blog xD
Have a nice day!

VeeQueue said...

Your dogs are adorable, though it looks incredibly cold in that photo. Also I love your changing vintage materials into new...the lace is gorgeous!

- Veequeue

Anonymous said...

Great blog!
I really like Your art, and Your dogs are very sweet!


Emily said...

I really like the piece at the top. One of the reasons I don't like vintage usually is because there isn't enough color to it, but I love how you've used the blues and greens!

Emika from swap-bot

StrawberryMilkMade said...

Hello, Coleen! Your entry is so impressive & beautiful. I love how it showed so many different aspects of your life & joys. Also, the last photo is absolutely perfect! I rarely get to see the snow. You make it look so appealing.

Also, I liked your comment on gardening, "just go for it!"

From this entry, I feel you're a positive, mature, wise & warm person, like anyone would be fortunate to know you.

Coleen said...

Hi Lima, yes, the iris is from my garden, photographed by my husband. I am a pet lover and those two are Samson and Delilah. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Minja-Tiina said...

Lovely! I liked seeing all those pics and I noticed you have TONS of tutorials here too.. Can't wait to go thru them. Following! :)
Gothgirl via Long term blog pals @ Swap-bot

Washu said...

After reading through your blog in the space of 3 rainy days; I am so following it (and recommending others!) Love the tutorials and artsy stuff you do. From this post I can see you are really outgoing friendly person :D

BrainyChan @SwapBot

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