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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Lovely Gift - ATC's

A friend sent me these beautiful ATC's (Artist Trading Cards). Unfortunately the camera didn't pick up the glitter on the butterfly that was equally shiny. I love shiny. I'm a bling sorta girl. I'll have to find out how she did that crackly stuff. It really put in the wow factor. Thank you Lindy.


Holly Renee said...

Beautiful! I love the colors. The right one is perfect with the cracks, and it says "grow," just perfect.

Queen Elisheba said...

love your atc's! i'm visiting from swap bot. look forward to seeing more of your crafts!

his fuddy duddy said...

following! from Tasarlaskaara

Lindy Keers said...

The "Crackle" look is a product called "Glossy Accents" which comes in "Crackle", "Glossy" and "Matte" finishes. I painted the petals with paint markers, then applied thick coats over the petals. When it dried, the petals were cracking apart so I applied a coat of regular glossy finish only on the petals to repair them (squirting it in underneath, so the petals wouldn't come apart.) Crackle finish dries with cracks, and I twisted the card a little to make the cracks deeper (probably what made the petals crack.) These were my first ATC creations, so I was experimenting. I was pleased with the result especially on the flower card.

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