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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Practicing a Grateful Spirit

Winter is rapidly approaching and we decide to change the heating system. I did mention doing it last summer, but...... The man who is installing it said we would be at least 4 days without heat. We've been two days so far and all radiators are in but the kitchen. No pipes are run to them as yet. We are upgrading from an old Soviet era dinosaur to a French/German model that is waaayyy more economical and will also heat our water. That means no more hot water tank that ran all the time. Jeff thinks it will pay out in as little as 5 years. Plus we will eventually have an indoor thermostat so I don't have to go to the cold garage at 2 a.m. to regulate the temperature. Am I grateful? Yes, thank you Lord for your provision. Did we ever adapt to the old system after central heat in America? Yes, the the beauty of having to do without something or difficulties is that when they are overcome, they make you so grateful. Try heating with wood and coal as we did our first three years. We had the experience of our great grandparents. That made us so grateful for any gas heat. Now after 15 years in Ukraine we will be up to western standards in our heating system. Thank you Lord for small steps and large, for your wonderful care for us. Help me to remember you are working in my soul and character each time we have troubles. May the difficulties bring me a grateful spirit. Amen.

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